Industrial Bases

2K Urethane Premium Base - Low VOC

Premium 2K Urethane offers excellent exterior durability and performance properties for demanding application. This fast-drying HS Urethane enamel is designed for Industrial use on pretreated or prime metal surfaces. The end use can be extensive, examples are: agricultural and construction equipment, trailers, outdoor seasonal furniture, railings and general metal finishing.

Product Variations

RC-IB 1020-G

86.4 fl oz - 0.675 U.S. Gallon (2.55 L)4/caseClear Base

RC-IB 1021-G

94.4 fl oz - 0.737 U.S. Gallon (2.79 L)4/caseDeep Base

RC-IB 1022-G

98.4 fl oz - 0.768 U.S. Gallon (2.9 L)4/caseWhite Base

RC-IB 1023-G

102.4 fl oz - 0.8 U.S. Gallon (3.03 L)4/caseWhite

RC-IB 1024-G

102.4 fl oz - 0.8 U.S. Gallon (3.03 L)4/caseBlack

RC-IA 0010-Q

25.6 fl oz - 0.8 U.S. Quart (757 ml)4/caseActivator

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