About Us

We at Pro Form continually invest in the improvement of our products and services to contribute in the success, future and growth of our customers’ business. Time is the most valuable resource, it’s something you can’t purchase, manufacture or create. Being a privately held company, the Pro Form brand is a promise of reliability; our obsession is quality and our goal is product performance. Our new catalogue contains 200 new products. Moving forward we will keep creating products to meet the demands of our customer’s business, and also continue market our products to companies under private label agreements. The advancement of technology in raw materials allow Pro Form to compete on the world stage. The world is a very small place when we can purchase raw materials from one side of the globe, have them supplied to our manufacture facility in Milton, Ontario, Canada and then shipped to a market like New Zealand within 28 days. What happens in Shanghai is news in New York. The tools we have today make us competitive at a high level on the world stage better than any other time in history. From all of our employees in Milton, Ontario, Canada, we would like to thank you for your business; because without you our boss, the customer, Pro Form would not exist.


James H Speck

10 Reasons to Buy Pro Form


Local support and representation that help you grow your business


Product quality and consistent performance


Competitive prices


Quality service and responsive to market changes


Depth of product line and customized private label program


1-800 technical support line


English, French and Spanish labeling, literature, catalogue and web site


Easy to use and bilingual catalogue


CCCR2001 Canadian labeling compliance (allows store merchandising)


Bar coded products

Private Label Program

Although Pro Form brand is well recognized and accepted in the automotive market, Pro Form offers a private labeling program for its customers that have special needs or want to develop loyalty toward their own brand.

Need an existing product, a different size or develop a specific product? Well it’s all possible if you meet minimum requirements.

Provide your logo and design or have our graphic artist create one for you. We will ensure that your private label product and its labeling will meet all local regulatory requirements. Get in touch with us for details.

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