Rustproofing, Inner Panel & Cavity Wax

Inner Panel Rustproofing

Black and Clear Rustproofing is a high quality calcium sultanate wax blend material. Formulated as a corrosion/rust inhibitor for inner panel rusting in all types of vehicles. Its excellent creep and penetrating qualities assure getting into protecting welded and other close fitting places.

RF 1000-1C

3.78 L (1 Gallon)4/caseClear

RF 1000-1B

3.78 L (1 Gallon)4/caseBlack

RF 1000-2.5C

9.46 L (2.5 Gallons)2/caseClear

RF 1000-2.5B

9.46 L (2.5 Gallons)2/caseBlack

RF 1000-16C

60.5 L (16 Gallons)1/caseClear

RF 1000-16B

60.5 L (16 Gallons)1/caseBlack

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