Rustproofing, Inner Panel & Cavity Wax

Cavity Wax Kit

This Inner Panel Cavity Wax Kit is designed for the do-it-yourself. The kit contains high quality products that are being used in the professional marketplace on cars, trucks, vans and buses as well as other applications in the garage, home, farm, factory or marine.

Kit includes: 2 – cans of Aerosol Cavity Wax, 1 – 36″ Flexible Wand with a 360° brass spray tip,  2 – 5″ extension tubes, 2 – aerosol spray nozzles, 1 – Flexible Wand aerosol cleaner and 12 – 1/2 inch plastic auto body plugs.

Product Variations

RF 1006

53.25 fl oz (1 L) Aerosol Kit1/caseAmber

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