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2K Urethane Primer/Surfacer - Low VOC

High solids. Can be used as a very high build or medium build primer and as a non-sanding primer sealer. Provides exceptional fill and build characteristics providing a base that yields excellent topcoat holdout, gloss and D.O.I. Can be directly top coated with alkyd and acrylic enamels, lacquers, acrylic urethane enamels and waterborne basecoat clearcoat systems.


U.S. Quart (946 ml)6/caseGray

13078 Activator

0.5 Pint (236 ml)6/case


U.S. Gallon (3.78 L)4/caseGray


U.S. Gallon (3.78 L)4/caseBuff

13076 Activator

U.S. Quart (946 ml)4/case

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